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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Scientific Benefits Of Having Sex In Morning

Achieving orgasm not only feels great, it can have many health benefits as well. Doing it in the morning can lead to great day. Here is why you should masturbate or have orgasmic sex in the morning – 1) – Cortisol is a stress hormone.

Here is the simplest trick to eat less

Obesity continues to grow globally. Most of the nations have failed in their ambitious aim of curbing “childhood obesity”. Haven’t you tried to eat less or control your intake during festivals and holidays (which seems most certainly impossible) and failed. Well, here is a simple

How to unsend an email

Ever sent an important mail with wrong information or improper grammar to a person? Wish you could unsend it? It’s easy to do that in Gmail, here’s how : Open Gmail and simply start with clicking the gear in the top right and select ‘Settings’.