Brevity sends you summarized insights from non-fiction articles, videos, courses , podcasts and books (tech, entrepreneurship, marketing, creativity, psychology, relationships and more) from the best publications and thought leaders. Save time and be more productive. Learn just the useful stuff.

Ever wasted hours and hours reading articles about ‘productivity’? Do you find a lot of content to read, save it for later and then forget. Do you often read an article just to realise in the end that it says exactly what you have already read before a 100 times? Do you find something interesting to read but avoid it because of its length?

We faced the same problem and decided to make brevity. We curate only the best articles that help you become a better version of yourself, summarise them with a mix of technology and our own bare hands, and try to deliver it to you through as many different platforms as possible.

Reading brevity is not simply reading, it’s a smarter lifestyle choice.

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