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These hacks will stop your hair fall in a day

You wake up and you can see them on your pillow, you wash your hair and you can see them in your towel, you move your hand over them and they are in your hands, heck ,sometimes you don’t do anything and still you can

Powdered form of this plant has amazing health benefits

We know that various food items we consume on a day to day basis have amazing medicinal benefits. Ayurveda, an alternative form of medicine is known to embrace the medicinal qualities of plants and treat various diseases. From food items that can make you brainier

This simple rule can save your eyes from straining

We are addicted to our screens.  We begin our morning looking at our mobile devices,  work in front of desktops and finish our day again looking at our mobile screens. We have previously discussed how to save your neck from straining (Simple ways to use

Here is the important nutrient only 1 in 10 women have

In their busy life, women often forget about keeping a check on their nutritional intake. Today the market is filled with supplements for various vitamins, calcium, iron and whatnot. But how do you make sure you have enough intake of a nutrient you don’t even

Here is why women need more sleep than men

In an age where people love to share their love for sleeping , staying indoors, being a couchbag abundantly on social media, this research will be gleefully welcomed by half of the world population. A new research suggests that women need more sleep than men

Avoid these mistakes next time you do pull-ups

Pull-ups are a kind of exercise that require a lot of upper body strength. Being able to do a pull-up needs you to have solid strength in your upper back, lats, arms, core, and ability to grip. But the thumb rule of doing any sort