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Here is why onions are great for your health

Love onions or hate them but you can’t deny that they are super useful for leading a healthy life. Here are some reasons onion is great for your health : Onions help in the regulation of blood sugar as they contain chromium. They can improve

Here is what your feet can tell you about your body

Your feet can tell a lot about your health. Foot cramps – Most commonly, foot cramps signal dehydration. But it can also signal that you are deficient regarding important minerals like calcium, pottasium and magnesium. Cold feet – It can signal Hypothyroidism. In this disorder,

Can headaches be cured without drugs? Here is how

Popping aspirin time and again whenever you have headache can have safety risks as well as be expensive, especially if you constantly suffer from migraine or sinus. Here are some great ways to cure headaches without drugs – 1) Caffiene can help in fighting headache.

20 years ago, it was much easier losing weight.

A recent study in Obesity Research and Clinical Practice suggests that it’s much harder to lose weight now than it was 20 years ago given the same amount of exercise and diet. Researchers, after analysing the data from approx 51,000 Americans reached on the conclusion

Want to be overweight? Sleep late at night.

Researchers at the University of California Berkeley , after following 3,342 adolescents into adulthood and examining their BMI and bedtimes concluded that teens and adults who are getting more sleep are less likely to gain weight than those staying up late at night. Researched found