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Here is why women are better at multitasking than men

Women have been known to be better multitaskers then men (here is why women need more sleep than men) and there is solid science behind it. Let’s plunge into the details. 949 people were tested in a study that concluded with findings about the connections

Here is what thinking negatively does to your brain

Complaining is a common habit shared by most of us and research doesn’t disagree either. But the simple act of complaining can do some serious damage to your brain and overall health. When we repeat a behavior multiple times, our neurons branch out to each

What Is Humble Bragging And Why You Should Avoid It

Humble bragging sucks. People mostly hate humble braggers but wait , what exactly is humble bragging?  Humble bragging,  as the name suggests, is plain old bragging veiled in the form of a complaint  or a joke.  You are bragging while trying to appear modest to

Here is why buying bottled water is a dumb idea

All of us have paid for bottled water at some point in our lives thinking it is the smart thing to do. You are not alone, every year we consume 70 billion gallons of bottled water. You pay for a water bottle but how much