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This new notification trick in iPhone is really cool

Notifications are an essential part of mobile computing. Sure they are our frenemies, you still can’t decide whether you love them or hate them but they are definitely getting more advanced and hence more useful now. They have advanced to the points where you don’t

Here is why women are better at multitasking than men

Women have been known to be better multitaskers then men (here is why women need more sleep than men) and there is solid science behind it. Let’s plunge into the details. 949 people were tested in a study that concluded with findings about the connections

How To Convince Your Partner For Using Sex Toys

You have read about them, you have seen references (or depictions) to them in one of your favorite shows or movies, heck you have even secretly visited one of those sites selling them and you definitely want to try them out as well. The only

You can get paid for using this app made by Google

Being an internet user, you might have definitely come across one of those spammy ads saying Google paid someone X amount last week and things like that. But what if there was actually a way for you to receive money from Google? Apparently all you