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Here is how to convince anyone to let you work at your own time

According to psychologist Ron Friedman, founder Ignite80 who has organised an online discussion on peak work performance that included 26 world’s top productivity experts says that a person has a upward sloping followed by a downward sloping graph when it comes to flexibility in work

Here is how to learn anything twice as fast

As per new research , you can fasten your learning by modifying the way you practice rather than practising more. Motor skills may need repetition but iterative repetition is much more effective. A new study from John Hopkins University found that participants learnt a computer

Researchers found the best day to start a goal

New year is around the corner, are you planning to start a new goal? A new research published in psychological science claims to have found the best day to start one. So which day is it? Contrary to what you may think, it’s Monday. And