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How to make sure you buy the perfect sex toy

Sometimes your relationship needs a little spicing up. You can engage in a variety of activities like foreplay, different positions , games etc but one sure way to make things hotter in bed is to use toys, you know, for adults. Whether it is your

Here are the things that completely ruin your sex drive

Sex is definitely one of the most exciting things in the world. That excitement is often defined by and is a function of your sex drive. When you are in a long term relationship, maintaining that same level of excitement can be difficult , fortunately

How To Convince Your Partner For Using Sex Toys

You have read about them, you have seen references (or depictions) to them in one of your favorite shows or movies, heck you have even secretly visited one of those sites selling them and you definitely want to try them out as well. The only

Here is why masturbating before bed is healthy for you

Once someone told  me, there are only two type of people in this world – one who masturbate and one who masturbate but pretend they don’t. We all have our different routines, different fantasies and most importantly different perceptions about masturbation. But no matter what