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How to make your conversation in bed hotter

Having a good communication with your partner about sex is really important. It not only lets them know about what gets you going and what turns you off in bed but also enhances intimacy between the two of you. Many of you out there feel

How to try out tantric sex

Tantric Sex first evolved in India in the 5th century and was known as a method to please the Hindu Gods but it got popular in the Western culture in 1960s and 70s. Tantric Sex is the deep union with your partner through physical joining

How to sexually attract your long term partner

When you two are together for a long while, things seem to get monotonous and you get habitual of each other. The little things that raced your heart, gave you an adrenaline rush and made you sweaty with anticipation, don’t stir you anymore. You have

How to make oral sex more pleasurable

Using your mouth on your partner and making them feel pleasurable is an art. And to master this art, know these points- Talk about it- Communicating with your partner about what moves you like , what turns you on and whether you like it or

How to keep jealousy from spoiling your relationship

Jealousy, a product of insecurity is a major cause of relationship failures. This mixture of frustration, envy, suspicion and sadness can take a toll on you and make you do things you would otherwise not even think of. So before this problem ruins your relationship,

Here is all you need to know to have sex underwater

With the mercury shooting up, apart from chilling in the cool water, you might want to have some fun with you partner underwater. But before you do that here is what you need to know- It’s never too clean- Before getting in , check for

Here are the 3 compatibilities you need to have a great marriage

Marriage is a sacred institution. “Being married makes people happier and more satisfied with their lives”- New York Times. However, to keep your marriage happy is important. But how to do that? “Chemistry” says Peter Pearson, a couples’ therapist as he explains how Chemistry is

How to make your orgasms hotter than you crave for

Female orgasms are now understood better by both men and women. Girls try toys, foreplay or seducing to make their time with their partner blazing hot. Here are a few tips that can help help you further and get your engines running – Here is