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Business lessons from Whatsapp you can learn today

Whatsapp is one of the most successful internet businesses of the current times and you can learn amazing business lessons from Whatsapp. While Yahoo was sold for approximately $5 billion to Verizon, Yahoo alums Jan Koum and his partner sold their leading messaging app to

Here is the important nutrient only 1 in 10 women have

In their busy life, women often forget about keeping a check on their nutritional intake. Today the market is filled with supplements for various vitamins, calcium, iron and whatnot. But how do you make sure you have enough intake of a nutrient you don’t even

How to wear a bra that is perfect for you

Bras are your most intimate clothes hence it is really essential to be wearing the right-sized bra for your and your breasts’ health. It also makes your clothes look better fitted on you. Know these hacks to wear the right brassiere- Calculate your size- To