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Can’t stick to a diet? Try being a flexitarian


Are you one of those people who find it very difficult being on a strict vegetarian diet? If yes, read on.

A dietician and author, Dawn J. Blatner proposed in her book in 2009, “The Flexitarian Diet: The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Prevent Disease And Add Years to Your Life.” The idea behind being a flexitarian is to have a majorly plant based and mostly meatless (if not completely) diet to shed those extra calories and be healthy.

A Five- food groups diet – A flexitarian diet contains five food groups- “new meat” (beans, tofu, lentils, peas, eggs, seeds), fruits and vegetables, whole grains, dairy, sugar and spice. It has a Five meal plan that tries to reduce meat intake by gradually increasing plant based foods. Depending on the amount of meat intake, one falls in one of three categories- beginner, advanced and expert. A limited amount of alcohol consumption is also allowed.

Promotes weight loss– This inexpensive diet also involves 30 minutes of exercise everyday which makes you burn that extra fat. The diet contains whole grains, fruits and vegetables which instil a sense of satiety and help you consume less calories than usual. Apart from weight loss, this special diet also prevents cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. Moderation is the key in this diet which keeps everything balanced without any inhibitions.

To have a healthy lifestyle, be a flexitarian!

Summarised up to 66 % from – If you can never commit to a strict diet, you should try being a flexitarian