Doing this exercise twice a week will make your brain work better

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Doing this exercise twice a week will make your brain work betterWe discuss so many hacks about things that can make us smarter. From food items that help your brain (The food items can actually make you brainier) to habits that can make you smarter (Doing these things everyday will make you more intelligent), there is a great variety of things you can indulge into to become more sharper.

Exercising is good for your body and the same applies to your brain. Australian scientists have come up with a research that suggests doing a particular type of exercise for at least twice a week can reap benefits for your brain that go a long way.

Researchers suggest that engaging in regular weightlifting can help you tackle dementia and make your brain work better. The study involved 100 people with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) between the age of 55-86 who were asked to do brain training and weight lifting.

For a period of 6 months, the participant lifted weights that were 80% of the maximum weight they could lift. This was done for two weeks per month. Researchers found relation between muscle strength gain and cognitive functions.

Time to do some weight lifting.

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