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Here are all the medical checkups you need to get in each decade of your life


Most of us nowadays live a busy schedule and even if we don’t, we miss upon one healthy habit – going to doctor for checkups. Sure, lack of proper knowledge can be counted as a factor for not doing this but now we have a solution.

The infographic below guides you through all the checkups you must take in each decade of your life to live a healthy one. After all , prevention is better than cure or as the infographic from Greatist mentions –

Early detection is vital in preventing, diagnosing and surviving many cancers and other serious diseases. Start regular checkups and and several important tests in your 20s to catch danger signal early.

What you will find is information related to your gender, age, what diseases are likely to affect you during a particular period and tests related to that. Here is one less reason to not go to the doctor regularly for checkups.