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Period hacks that every girl should know


Hey dear ladies,
Menstruation is a tough task for each one of us. It makes us cranky, upset , makes
us bear pain and what not. But with some stuff lying in your cupboard you can easily bid goodbye to those annoying menstrual cramps. This is how-

1. Eat right and stay hydrated – You must take a balanced diet and drink lots of water to compensate for the amount of fluid flushing out of your body. Include Vitamin E and Calcium in you diet as they reduce the menstrual symptoms and pain. Also these nutrients will keep you healthy and fit all your life. Dark chocolate can also be a lifesaver as it contains cocoa which has magnesium that can relieve cramps and let you have a sweet period.
2. Be prepared – Keep a track of your cycle, you may use a calendar or an app to do that. This will help you detect your PMS and know why you’re feeling low or irritated suddenly. Also try to keep your bikini wax appointments at bay around this time. Why hurt that sensitive area when the uterus is already busy doing so much?
3. Control your cravings – If you’re a coffee lover , it’s bad news as caffeine is known to elevate the estrogen levels in the body and worsen your PMS symptoms. So stay away from it. Also restrict the intake of salty and fried foods as they lead to unnecessary bloating.
4. Sleep like a baby– Resting can do wonders while you’re suffering the difficult days of the month. Put all the daily chores at halt and try to take a deep sleep. The cherry on top can be some Lavender oil drops on your pillow or Lavender scented candles or incense that will definitely lullaby you to a sweet nap.
5. Use a hot water bottle – Scientists have found that a hot water bottle actually relaxes your abdomen area and relieves pain to a great extent by providing heat for easy blood flow.
6. Practice yoga – Before your period approaches you can practice some ‘Asanas’ like the ‘Vinyasa flow’ that gently move your body without much strain.
7. Pleasure gateway – Judith Golden, a sex therapist, says that women who masturbate experience fewer cramps and also tend to be less cranky. Having multiple orgasms during this time, even with a partner can please you through that pain.

Aren’t these hacks simple and amazing? Have a happy period ! 🙂

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