These hacks will stop your hair fall in a day

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stop your hair fall in a dayYou wake up and you can see them on your pillow, you wash your hair and you can see them in your towel, you move your hand over them and they are in your hands, heck ,sometimes you don’t do anything and still you can see them on your shoulders. You guessed it, we are talking about hair. Hair fall can be a troubling situation, especially mentally (hair fall anxiety? ). Here are some quick hacks that will stop your hair fall in a day –

  • Make sure you protect your hair from sun, the heat leads to frizzy and coarse hair.
  • You are probably going to hate this one but hey, make sure you oil them well.
  • You can’t even imagine how negatively a bad diet can effect your hair. Make sure to have a balanced diet.
  • Conditioning the wrong way is something that is way too common. Don’t let the conditioner reach your scalp.
  • Heat is your enemy – heating your wet hair or washing them with hot water will only promote hair fall. Also avoid brushing your wet hair forcefully. In terms of brushing, make sure you don’t overdo it over the course of your day.
  • For women – avoid keeping your hair pony-tailed or braided for lengthy intervals.
  • Keep off the chemicals – using a variety of hair products will only lead to damage, because duh, chemicals.
  • Some of you may not be comfortable with this idea – avoid washing your hair on a daily basis.
  • This is something a few people know about – avoid towels for drying your hair, try to use something significantly more softer, because duh, friction.

Hope this helps you see more of your hairs on your head than everywhere else. The best thing about these hacks or tips is that you can start following them in a day.