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Here is why women are better at multitasking than men

why women are better at multitasking than menWomen have been known to be better multitaskers then men (here is why women need more sleep than men) and there is solid science behind it. Let’s plunge into the details.

949 people were tested in a study that concluded with findings about the connections in the hemispheres of our brain. Women’s brains had more connection between hemispheres while men’s brain were found to have more connections within a hemisphere.

This explains men’s ability to focus more deeply on one particular task then women. Women, on the other hand, are superior at multitasking. In fact, women’s information processing speed is up to 5 times faster than men in some tasks.

But women also have a disadvantage, in case of brain damage, it’s harder for them to recover as compared to men and women are more vulnerable to the damage too. Seems like there are pros and cons to everything indeed.


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