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Asking yourself this simple question will save you lots of money


From time to time you are attracted towards various products that you feel you need to buy but wait a moment, do you actually need to do that? At times, during the end of your month you ponder “Where the hell did my money go?” At times, you look at products you bought way back and wonder “I don’t even use it, why did I buy it in the first place?” The answer is clear – that was a product you thought you would “like” to own not “love” to own.

To save yourself from (This social phenomenon can make you go bankrupt) losing money on buying things you don’t love, ask yourself a question before your next impulse purchase – “What if?” Think about what would you be able to do if you don’t buy whatever it is you are planning to buy.

When you are making an impulse purchase, you are quite emotional. Thinking hard on the “what if” question brings rationality into play. Secondly, “what if” has a positive connocation – you are actually thinking what else can you achieve by not buying this particular product.

So next time you buy something, think about “what if”.


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