Using this word can help you get the haircut you actually want

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get the haircut you actually wantYou go to the barbershop , you probably want to get that trendy new look or just want them to be cut short so you can end up more decent looking. More specifically, you want your hair short on sides and longer at the top (Isn’t that what most of the men want?) . But getting the perfect haircut can be often very tricky and if your barber does not know what do you exactly want, you may end up with a mini tragedy of your own on your head (Post hair cut depression should be a term).

These hacks will stop your hair fall in a day – Brevity

You wake up and you can see them on your pillow, you wash your hair and you can see them in your towel, you move your hand over them and they are in your hands, heck ,sometimes you don’t do anything and still you can

There must be a solution to all this right? There must be something that you can tell any barber and he will understand. The word you should be using to get the perfect haircut , is blended. By using the word blended, you are suggesting that you want your barber to cut hair in such a way that the hair on the top beautifully blends with the hair on the sides and get shorter going downwards. It is also known as blended or natural transition.

Post this, you can specify your barber how short you want your hair to be. Have a haircut that does not equate to a disaster.