Scientific Benefits Of Having Sex In Morning

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Achieving orgasm not only feels great, it can have many health benefits as well. Doing it in the morning can lead to great day. Here is why you should masturbate or have orgasmic sex in the morning –

1) – Cortisol is a stress hormone. When you have orgasm, the body flushes out cortisol making you much less stressed.

2) – Orgasm has a meditation like effect on your body. It allows your brain to be quiet for sometime so you can be more focused afterwards.

3) – Immunoglobulin A strengthens immunity. People who reported to have sex weekly or more were found to have 30℅ more of this component.

4) – Orgasms increase blood flow in your body resulting in smoother skin, sparkling eyes, colored cheeks and plumped lips.

5) – Many people have reported increased work performance as a result of the energy and excitement that is caused by a healthy sex life.

Summarised up to 78% from – 5 reasons why should masturbate before work