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All you need to know about managing stock apps on iPhone in 50 seconds


Almost all the phones nowadays come with stock apps taking up extra space on your phone. You may find them annoying (just like notifications – This is the coolest notifications trick on iPhone) but some of them are really helpful.

iOS so far lacked the ability to remove stock apps but like many amazing things on iOS 10 (All you need to know about the new iPhones in 90 seconds), you now have amazing ability to remove and better manage stock apps on your iPhone. (This simple trick saves you insane amount of space on your iPhone)

Which are the apps that I can remove?

Stocks, Maps, Podcasts (not a a fan of podcasts yet? ) and Contacts.

What are the apps I can’t uninstall?

Safari, Health, Messages and Clock are some apps that cannot be still removed.

How do I unistall?

Stock apps can be removed in a manner similar to regular apps. You can reinstall them from app store.

Time to make space.