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All you need to know about the new iPhones in 90 seconds


Apple recently came up with  the new iPhones. In case you were not able to catch up (these simple tricks unlock hidden iPhone features for you) about what is new and different this time, this list may help you out (this simple trick frees up more space on your iPhone) : –

– Button – Similar to force touch track pads in macbooks, the button on your iPhone doesn’t click anymore. It is pressure sensitive.

– Camera – New iPhones come with 12 megapixel camera, optical image stabilization and few more tweaks. You have a 7 megapixel front camera. The iPhone 7+ comes with two lenses now – 28mm  and 56 mm which helps you take better pictures even when you zoom.

-Stereo speakers and air pods – No headphone jacks this time, you probably knew that. And apple came up with Air pods , bluetooth ear pods that will allow you talk with Siri too when you tap on it. iPhone will ship with an adapter so that you can connect your 3.5mm jack headphones. Plus there are stereo speakers at the bottom of your phone as well as top front.

– New Colors – Besides your silver, gold and rose gold, now you has two new colors – black and a shinier (probably slippery too) jet black. No more space grey anymore.

– Water and dust resistance – You have a good reason to rejoice now, both iPhone7 and iPhone 7+ are water and dust resistant. It can survive up to 50 metres under water.

– Display – When it comes to display, almost everything is same as before. The new addition that matters – it is 25% more brighter than previous iPhones.

-Specs – The iPhone ships with A10 fusion chip now resulting in a better performance. Plus no 16 GB version now ( what a relief) , it starts from 32 GB now.

That’s all the important things you need to know.