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Avoid these mistakes next time you do pull-ups


Pull-ups are a kind of exercise that require a lot of upper body strength. Being able to do a pull-up needs you to have solid strength in your upper back, lats, arms, core, and ability to grip.
But the thumb rule of doing any sort of strength training is to know the right technique and form. If you’re doing it wrong, you may even hurt yourself leave alone building strength.
Next time you do a pull-up, make sure you’re not making these mistakes –

  • Your shoulders aren’t going back- While doing a pull-up try to push your shoulders behind as you move your body upwards. (Like you would keep your hands in your back pocket). Also take care that your elbows are not too close together in the forward direction, they should be considerably far apart else you wouldn’t be able to take your shoulders behind. Try to push your elbows down and shoulders towards your back to build strength of your back.
  • Hanging legs- During a pull-up, do not hang your legs and try to gain momentum from them, you will actually be robbing your back and arms of the great exercise that they need. Keep your body firm, fold your legs and lift your body through your arms only.
  • Not completing a pull up- a complete pull up is from a simple hang to lifting your body and taking your chin slightly above the bar. If you’re not being able to complete a pull up, don’t force yourself, take small steps and slowly and gradually try completing a pull up which will strengthen your biceps, back and shoulders.

Try not making these mistakes while you perform a pull up!
Exercise well !