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This is the best messaging trick on iPhone to save your privacy

best messaging trick on iPhoneYou might use a plethora of messaging apps out there and one of those (probably your favorite) is iMessage. The competition is heating up in the messaging space with Google Allo (You get paid for using this app made by Google) , Messenger, Whatsapp, Snapchat and even Twitter has a focus on direct messaging now.

There are some features that make us think “How was my life prior to that?”(These secret iPhone tricks unlock new features for you). One of those features in messaging apps is the ability to see when your texts are sent, delivered and read. Sure you have a love-hate relationship with this feature just like notifications on your phone (This new notification trick in iPhone is really cool ).

iOS 10 brought with it some great changes, and some of them focus on enhancing your messaging experience (This trick lets you send gifs in messages on iPhone). One such feature is to manage read receipts for each conversation.

Now you can control whom you allow to know whether you have read their text or not. Remember , this works with iMessages threads not SMS.

How can I control read receipts in Messages?

Open the conversation where you don’t want the participant to know you read their text. Simply tap the “i” icon on top of your conversation. Thanks to iOS 10, you will see that you can toggle On or off “Send Read Receipts”.

Handy isn’t it? You already know which conversation deserves this feature implementation.


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