This checklist tells you how soon your company is going to shut

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This checklist tells you how soon your company is going to shutOne of the toughest decisions you have to take while running a company is to when you should stop running it anymore. Sure, it can be pretty hard to think about this topic, you might be afraid of failure but if you feel your company is facing troubles, you should probably, somewhere in the back of your head, start preparing yourself for the end of your business.

You can print this checklist and hang it on your wall to make sure you are not checking items on the list or simply as a reminder of things not to do or the worst, realize early that your business is going to die.

  1. You are struggling with your cash-flow.
  2. You feel too safe in your position and are not doing anything new or bringing anything new to the market.
  3. You are tired of your business and question yourself why you are doing it anymore.
  4. We don’t talk anymore , i. e. you and your customers.
  5. Your employees leave you quickly.
  6. You still haven’t built an USP.
  7. People aren’t talking about your business / you are not creating enough buzz.
  8. The most obvious one – low sales.

Makes sure you check this list from time to and whether your company is facing any of these problems.

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