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How to deal with high stress at your office

deal with stressWorkplace are often identified as the leading cause of stress and the harms of stress are well known. Sometimes you may think of leaving your job, sometimes you may think of resorting to other means for the catharsis of your stress ( which might be healthy for you in some cases too , depending on your means) . But if you often find yourself unable to deal with stressful situations in a healthy manner, here are the things that might help you deal with stress –

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Take care of your food – Make sure you take care of your diet, eating light lunches on time along with proper hydration helps you stay energetic.

Start delegating – If possible, start delegating your work. If you are the one who thinks “I want perfection and nobody can achieve it besides me,” time to put that thought to rest. Even research says that delegating your work makes you more productive. Just don’t confuse it with not working at all giving all your work to someone else.

It’s all about the goals – Be pragmatic when it comes to making goals. Don’t over burden yourself (again, don’t confuse this with being mediocre). And while goals are a long term thing, on an everyday basis, do not forget to prioritize your tasks.

Talk to your seniors – The thought can be scary in the beginning, but if you feel that your boss is not a nutjob, try talking to him/her regarding your problems at the workplace. It might turn out to be the best stress reducing thing you do.

Shut down other stressors – If twitter, facebook or any other app gives you anxiety, adds to your stress, shut them down from time to time. Digital detox is a thing for a reason. Furthermore, take breaks from time to time (sure it is easier said than done, but the rewards are better than you can imagine).

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