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Exercise vs. Eating right – Which matters more


A lot of us like to think that exercise  is more important for weight loss than eating right (diet).  You eat food (can be junk,  processed food too)  , gain calories and then you can burn calories from all the junk you ate in the gym. That is what you think right?

Unfortunately,  that is not the case.  At least not completely true.  If you have ever pondered about what is more important  for losing weight – diet or exercising,  here is your answer. Your diet is more important.  The best way to lose weight (Here is the best exercising method for losing weight) is to have a combination  of both – proper diet and exercising and exercising  has many benefits  beyond weight loss but if you talk specifically about weight loss – you are definitely not burning as many calories as you are having.

The amount of calories contained in a simple bar of chocolate would take lots and lots of activity to be burnt off. So now you know the importance of having a disciplined diet.

See the video below for more details in a fun style –