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Game developers are tackling piracy with…creativity


Piracy is a huge challenge for most of the digital economies. Game Developers are one of the most affected by piracy. But some developers took an interesting approach to fight it (specifically on Android platform where it’s much easier to get pirated apps).

In the popular game Game Dev Tycoon by Greenheart Games where you have to create and run your own gaming company, players of pirated version keep on making losses because of their games (made in the game) keep on getting pirated. Really, really smart.

On the other hand, Noodlecake studios recently launched a game titled Shooting Stars (our current favorite right now). It uploaded a version of its own app on torrent sites but with a twist. The version uploaded on torrent sites has an enemy which is simply impossible to beat. And when you do lose, it provokes you to buy the original game with a fun message.

The unbeatable villian

While pirated versions of these games are available online, but these game developers definitely have provided a new approach to tackle piracy with….Creativity and fun.