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Here is Google’s 3 step formula for happiness

Google's 3 step formula for happiness

Chade-Meng Tan is a Google engineer who aims to make the world more happier. He says that by doing 3 specific things in a day, one can be more happier. CNN called it Google’s algorithm for happiness.

What are the 3 things?

Step 1

Calm your mind by pausing between your day. Look at your breath and engage in mindful meditation.

Step 2

Start logging your moments of joy. More often than not we focus on negative things in life and fail to acknowledge the positive one’s. Better appreciating your positive moments will help you tackle negative one’s more efficiently.

Step 3

Start wishing other people to be happy. Yes, it’s that simple. Altruism is known to help you cheer up. Wishing for others’ happiness can, a lot of times, boost yours.

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