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Here are the hacks that will make your smartphone charge superfast

make your smartphone charge superfast

A power-drained device is a nightmare for most of us. That is why it is important to charge your device efficiently (Here is the best way to charge your phone backed by science). Since we store most of our important information and contacts in our mobile phones, it has to be there to assist us all the time. But our life comes to halt when we have a discharged mobile phone and we want it to get charged at lightening fast speed. To charge your device faster, use these simple tricks-

  • Use flight mode – While charging your device, try to put it on flight mode. This decreases the burden on your battery and helps it charge faster by saving its energy.
  • Don’t place your phone near high temperature- Refrain yourself from keeping your phone on a window sill r or near the door where it might be exposed to direct sunlight. Also keep it away from heat emitting appliances like a Television or Refrigerator. Choose a moderate- temperature-place to keep you phone while it is getting charged.
  • Avoid USB charging – Try not to use USB charging, i.e. Connecting your phone to your laptop or computer to charge it. This stresses your Li-ion battery and the device charges slower in turn. Using the device’s own charger and connecting it to the power socket is the best way to charge it’s battery.
  • Stay away – While your phone is gaining energy, try to keep away from it. Using your phone again and again while it is charging, makes the device take more time to charge.
  • Don’t bring the battery level to zero- Charge your phone whenever you can. It’s highly recommended to charge your phone in short bursts rather than waiting for the battery to hog down to a minimal level and then put it to charge. The latter absolutely takes more time.

Now go try these tips !