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Here are the best wallpaper apps you should get right now


Best wallpaper app? Isn’t that subjective? It probably is, but if we are able to justify why we think these apps are the best ones, you might agree too. There are thousands of wallpaper apps in various app stores, but after evaluating some of the well known and well reviewed ones , we have concluded upon the ultimate list about best wallpaper apps you should get right now. Each of these apps haveĀ  a different personality and provide features different from one another.

1) Tapdeck – Tapdeck calls itself wallpaper magazine, pretty funky. What it really allows you to do is select categories of wallpapers , a new wallpaper is brought on your screen from each category at set intervals. If you love serendipity in your life, this is your app. You can like wallpapers, create your own collections and follow the collections by others.

2) Backdrops – The app was featured in the play store for having a collection of drop dead gorgeous wallpapers. It has community, explore and favorite tabs and it’s the explore tab that you should be concerned about. The explore tab contains some really great illustrations sure to beautify your screen.

3) Muzei – This one is for art lovers. (Read – How to turn your smartphone in a museum). It comes with some really great features all of which are mentioned here.

4) Tapet – If you are going to download one material design wallpaper app, make it this one. It has the ability to produce infinite amount of wallpapers, yes infinite. Open the app, keep on tapping and tapping and tap a bit more, you will definitely find (or create) a wallpaper you will fall in love with.

Time to make your homescreen beautiful.