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Here Are The Cancer Causing Products You Are Using Everyday


Cancer is one of the most dreaded chronic diseases. While we keep on escaping many carcinogenic substances we fail to identify some that are consumed in common very commonly. These products include –

Cigarette – Cigarettes not only cause respiratory diseases but also are cancer-causing. They contain 7000 chemicals including ammonia, bleach and pesticides. You can well imagine their fatal effects now.

GMOs– Genetically Modified Organisms are found in pesticides that are sprayed over food materials like fruits, vegetables or pulses that we eat everyday. Pesticides include insecticides, herbicides, algaecides and fertilizers and hence are omnipresent in our diet and are potent of killing organisms of all kinds including humans. GMOs are found in food , drinks and even cigarettes and hence are a major cause of all kinds of cancer. It was found in a research that GM corn approved in Europe caused tumors, premature deaths and organ damage.

Diet sweeteners – Diet sweeteners or diet sodas actually are carcinogenic and cause free radicals to warp your good cells, strangulate mitochondria and multiply at an uncontrollable rate. They contain aspartame, sucralose and sorbitol that root cancer in your body and fool your taste buds. These artificial sweeteners are like viruses that trick the body and can lead to breast and prostate cancer. Aspartame alone is the culprit of 75% of all complaints of food toxins.

So beware of these open cancer sources.