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Here are the simplest hacks to cure and avoid sunburns


Sunbathing on a beach is so realxing but if you get a Sunburn, it can be really painful and irritating. Here is what you should and shouldn’t do to cure a sunburn according to a expert dermatologists –


Quickly apply a towel dipped in cold mild, milk has lactic acid which will remove dead skin to help your skin heal faster or cure the blisters( if any ) and the coolness with soothe you.

Take any regular inflammatory drug like aspirin or ibuprofen since you skin has got inflammation and to reduce pain.

Try applying some Aloevera on the affected area to moisturise your skin and to lessen pain.

If none of these home remedies help, visit your dermatologist.


Don’t go out in the sun for two weeks.

Don’t apply any gels that are available in the market to cure sunburns since they contain Lidocaine and Benzocaine, they provide relief temporarily but when their effect is gone, you feel even more intense pain.

Enjoy the ☀ minus the sunburns now.

(Sourced from this video)