Here are the things that completely ruin your sex drive

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Here are the things that completely ruin your sex driveSex is definitely one of the most exciting things in the world. That excitement is often defined by and is a function of your sex drive. When you are in a long term relationship, maintaining that same level of excitement can be difficult , fortunately there are hacks to help you out with that. But besides the duration of your relationship, there are a variety of factors that kind of ruin your sex drive. Here are the things that completely ruin your sex drive , you better learn to tackle them :

Anxiety and Depression – Researches have proven that stress, anxiety and depression can depress your sex life. But one of the major anxieties people have that kill their sex drive are performance anxieties and body related worries. You are beautiful and when it comes to sex, take it easy. Financial worries can be a major sex drive killer as well.

Kids – This one is for parents, especially the new ones. This ones doesn’t require a description.

Relationship issues – Having troubles in your relationship? Resentments, grudges, fights? Wait, the negativity will soon reflect in your sex life too.

You find it boring – No problem, no seriously if that is your problem then do not worry. Try some super naughty toys to help you out, heck we have guides about them. Or spice it using variety of techniques and methods.

Cortisol – Low cortisol level translates to a very tired version of you who wants to cuddle with the pillow and sleep rather than having a sex marathon with your partner.