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Here are the things you should not eat on an empty stomach


Food has great implications on your health. What you eat matters a lot but ‘when’ you eat matters equally. We have previously talked about what to eat and avoid before sleeping and it is time to discuss things you should avoid while you have an empty stomach.

Banana – Having banana on an empty stomach leads to an increase in the magnesium level in your body, which, to state simply, is not a very good thing for your health.

Alcohol – Avoid alcohol on an empty stomach unless you want your insides to be damaged.

Coffee – This one is a shocker, isn’t it? It has the potential to cause stress and hormonal imbalance when consumed on an empty stomach.

Soda – People often consume soda for digestion purposes. There is no point consuming it when you haven’t eaten a thing. It can cause irritation inside intestines and nausea.

Medicines – While some medicines are meant to be taken on an empty stomach. It is usually ideal to take them after you have eaten something otherwise it may cause irritation in the stomach lining or cause acidity.

Furthermore, it’s not a bad idea to avoid spicy food on an empty stomach unless you want to succumb to stomach ulcers.

Smart eating.