Here is the simplest trick to eat less

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Obesity continues to grow globally. Most of the nations have failed in their ambitious aim of curbing “childhood obesity”. Haven’t you tried to eat less or control your intake during festivals and holidays (which seems most certainly impossible) and failed.

Well, here is a simple trick to eat less. According to this BMJ press release regarding a research on obesity and portion size “The causes of obesity are complex but overconsumption of food and sugary drinks is a critical proximal determinant, driven in part by large portion sizes.”

Hence to reduce your calorie intake, simply reduce the size of your food plate, bowl or package.Having small amount of food on a large plate may seem limiting while choosing a smaller plate that’s full with food will make you more satisfied with your intake further helping you eat less automatically.

This is further proved in the research – “ people consistently consume more food or non-alcoholic drinks when offered larger sized portions or packages, or when using larger items of tableware.4 The size of this effect suggests that eliminating larger portions from the diet could reduce average daily energy consumed by 12-16% among UK adults and by 22-29% among US adults.”

Well, that’s a simple trick you can start implementing today.