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Here Is What Your Poop Says About Your Health


Your body indicates a lot about your health (Here is what your feet can tell you about your body) but apparently  your poop can tell you a lot about your health too.  Maintaining  good digestion  is important (Here is all you need to know to maintain good digestion). That is why we constantly talk about eating the right thing from food items that can actually make you brainier to what you should  and should not be eating  before  sleeping. This article although  is about what is left off your food after it is digested  and excreted – your poop.

Decipher your doo-doo

Okay, you might really not want to talk about this but it is essential. Your poop can tell you volumes about your digestive health. The food we eat generally takes 1- 3 days before it is released out of our body. Your excreta is made up of undigested food, mucus, dead cells and bacteria and hence stinks. Some things you need to look out for-

Stool textures

– If you see separate hard small balls falling, it symbolises that your body lacks fluids and fibres and you should up your intake of water, fruits and salad significantly.

– If you find cracked , sausage shaped but not so hard blobs, you still should increase fluids in your diet but it’s not so serious.

-If you find one or multiple, sausage shaped, long and soft pieces, rejoice because you have the perfect poo.

– If your stool is very soft and has ragged edges, be careful you might have diarrhoea soon. But so far, nothing much to worry.

– If your poop is too watery and oily with no solid particles, know that you have diarrhoea. Visit your doctor and drink lots of water to compensate for the fluids you’re losing.

Stool colour-

Brown- Your poop is fine, since normally poop is brown because of bile from the liver.

Green – You may have had lots of green veggies or green food coloring. Nothing to worry.

Black- You may be bleeding internally. But some vitamins containing iron or bismuth subsalicylate can cause black poo too. Visit a doc if this persists for long.

Yellow- Oily, foul-smelling faeces can indicate presence of excess fats in your diet.

White- A light colored stool can be an indication of a bile duct obstruction due to some medicines or other reasons. See your doc.

Red- Blood stained poo can be depictive of serious illnesses like cancer. If this is not a result of your menstruation, see your doctor right away. To have a healthy excreta, remember to drink ample water everyday and consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly.

It’s time to look down into that toilet seat. 💩