Here is why you should definitely try naughty texting with your partner

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Let’s be honest, you clearly know what “naughty texting” is an euphemism for – sexting, no prizes for guessing. Though you need not go empty handed, you can at least part with some knowledge and convincing about sexting or anything else you want to know about sex and relationships. There are several benefits to sexting if done right, here are some of them –

1) Allows you to discuss your fantasies – When it comes to sex, we all have different preferences and things we like. Sometimes you may it find it awkward to discuss them face to face with your partner, sexting allows you to share your fantasies, kinks , desires while being hidden behind a screen.

2) Makes your relationship exciting – When you are in a long term relationship (How to enhance intimacy in a long term relationship), or even if you are not, you need to keep things afresh and spicy. Sexting is definitely one of the easiest yet highly creative things you can do to add excitement to your relationship (How to flirt with your partner in a long term relationship and how to sexually attract your long term partner).

3) It boosts up your confidence – We all want to feel adored and receive compliments from time to time. Imagine getting it from your partner. Compliments like “you look super hot” or “I can’t believe I am with someone as sexy as you” never hurt anyone. And one of the major reasons you should try it – it is fun. Period.

4) It is good communication – Communication is the oxygen for a relationship , that is how long term couples stay afloat. Couples in long distance relationship don’t need any convincing about sexting. You are opening up yourself in a way you don’t in front of others, you are sharing secrets , you are sharing fantasies. Even if you are not in a LDR, sexting is a great form of communication.

5) Foreplay – Isn’t that the reason majority of people sext. It is a great form of foreplay, you can start it right in the middle of day and start building up sexual tension till midnight. Oh, imagine the buildup.

Time to send some messages.