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How to download facebook videos


Facebook is putting up more and more videos everyday in your feed (How to fight your Facebook Addiction). Those recipe videos, funny vine compilations, south asian short films are the first things you find when you start browsing facebook. While a lot of those videos (mostly muted) are not engaging enough or repetitive, some are really good. If you ever wanted to download those videos so that you can watch them offline and share them on other platforms , here is what you can do –

– There are quite a few apps that allow you to download facebook videos. We use Save Facebook Videos App .
– Download the app and login to your facebook account.
– Whenever you find a video that you want to download, simply tap on it and the app will provide you with the option of either streaming it or downloading it, you can choose to download.
– If you use facebook from variety of places (desktop, mobile web, app) , simply save the video and you can download the video by going to the Saved section from the main menu (as shown below) and tapping on the video.


Enjoy your facebook videos offline