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How to Make Your Devices Talk To Each Other


This is not an article about internet of things but rather than a simple app that probably some of you know about. Imagine an app that allows your mobile to send a message to your tab, allows your tablet to send messages and files to your mac. Pushbullet allows you to do just that and so much more. It started with the function of sending links from one device to anotherĀ  but now it can show your mobile notifications on your desktop ( and take actions on those notifications as well). Reply to whatsapp texts and never miss an incoming call. You can also share files under 25 mb between devices.

You can share items with all of your devices or one specific device. You can also add other users as your friends and share stuff. Using this app will make you feel “How did I live before this app?”.

The only complaint a lot of users have is about its pro pricing which allows you to unlock some really good features but is quite pricey at $5/month. You can try Pushbullet here.