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How to reduce sugar consumption and be healthier


Sugar is known to be pretty bad for your health. It can damage your teeth, liver, cause diabetes, heart diseases and whatnot. Although it is everywhere but calling it “unavoidable” or “necessary” is definitely a misnomer. Here is how you can remove sugar from your diet and be healthier –

1) Take meals at regular times and don’t skip meals. It helps in keeping your blood sugar stable.  Don’t  forget to exercise.

2)Stop, simply stop drinking  sugary drinks (don’t think of jumping to Diet Coke, not a very healthy option).  Replace with healthier drinks like non sugary iced organic teas.

3)If you don’t sleep properly your body craves sugar,  make sure you sleep on time and get enough of it.

4) Starting your day with proteins is a good idea.  Add a variety of spices to your food like oregano, parsley,  pepper.

5) Like coffee and tea?  If your consumption of these beverages is marked with lots of sugar then reduce the amount of sugar in your tea or coffee day by day.

6) Have at least two servings of fruit everyday (especially green apples,  kiwi,  oranges)  and replace sugary food items with sour ones like lemons, rhubarb, grapefruit, apple cider vinegar, yogurt, rhubarb, kimchi.

Say no to sugar and yes to a healthy life. Avoiding it might be impossible  but reducing its consumption is not.