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How to save yourself from being busy all the time


Most of us lament all the time “Man! I wish I had more time to myself.” If you are one of them,  here is how to save your from being busy (or appearing to be busy)  all the time.

1) Make sure it’s  not a status symbol for you.

Are you truly busy or do you simply live in an illusion  that you are busy?  Do you feel good inside when you tell others how busy you are?  Today,  there is a paucity of people who are actually  busy. Majority of the people today think of being busy as a status symbol. Keeping your “work mode” on 24*7 can exhaust you. Introspect and think if you are really busy,  if no,  make sure you don’t  project the image of being busy.  It’s  never a good thing, never.

2) Learn to say no

If there are bestselling books out there about how to simply say NO to things and people in your life,  then it got to be important and something  many people find challenging. Do not take someone else’s  work when you don’t  need to. Prioritise if the task is really important and whether it will hinder completion of really important  tasks.

3) “I have to” vs  “I choose to” trick

A sense of autonomy is known to promote motivation. Whenever you choose a task in life see if that’s  a task you “choose” or “have” to do. Whenever you say ” I choose to do this task”, not only you cut down on unnecessary  tasks but also shed the illusion  that you are “busy”.

Time to be less busy now.