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How to sexually attract your long term partner


When you two are together for a long while, things seem to get monotonous and you get habitual of each other. The little things that raced your heart, gave you an adrenaline rush and made you sweaty with anticipation, don’t stir you anymore. You have the release of Oxytocin and Vasopressin, that make you feel comfortable and bonded to your partner but Dopamine and Norepinephrine that make you excited and bring in that infatuated feeling die away. So try these tricks to stir your hormones-

Give and take control-While giving control to your partner and just enjoying while being teased can be a huge turn on, sometimes taking control can be great as well. Taking control consensually can bring you closer together and burn your partner with desire.

Read and play together– Sex also loses its spark when you are with each other for years, so to spice it up, read a book together on various sex positions and step out of your comfort zone. The anticipation for trying out a new sex move will make it so much more exciting. You can also try playing a X-rated board game, that has naughty foreplay challenges and sexy situations to put yourself in to bring fun to your nights.

Take a Vacation- It is said that vacation sex is the best ever , since you move out of your everyday situation and the novelty can spice up your mood so much. Being away from work and tension also lets you spend quality time with your significant other while enjoying at a place you have never been before and making so many happy memories.

Dress up- Seduce your partner by wearing a sexy lingerie or a hot dress and hinting them of your mood. When he knows how badly you want him and watches your sexy moves in the dress, the sex is ought to be superhot. You can also wear a sexy lingerie inside of your dress on a date or a party but don’t forget to let your man know about it. He won’t be able to wait to drive you home.

Role-Play- Roleplays are one the best ways to bring up the lost excitement. The idea of being stranger again and being in a naughty situation with your loved one is sure to get your hearts rushing. Your creativity will boost your intimacy.

Make your partner feel comfortable- Try giving them massages to soothe them, your care for them and a sexy massage can definitely be a turn on. You should also spend time talking to each other to make your significant other feel loved and his/her needs acknowledged.

Bring back the old sexual tension and have lots of fun!