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How to stop Whatsapp from sharing your data with Facebook


According to a recent announcement, Whatsapp will soon start sharing your data with Facebook. On a plus side, this will allow Whatsapp to better tackle spam and bulk messages. I personally find spam on Whatsapp to be more annoying than spam anywhere else. It’s great to see that Whatsapp along with its parent company is now taking steps to tackle that.

On the other hand, if you agree to share your Whatsapp data with Facebook, the data will be utilised to serve better friend recommendations and “ads” on Facebook. Whatsapp has become a more intimate medium than Facebook, and allowing data from Whatsapp to Facebook for ads is undoubtedly creepy.

Whatsapp will also open its platform to marketers though no banner ads will be allowed. It’s time for Whatsapp to start making money for its parent company Facebook which bought the ruling chat application for $19 billion.

Fortunately, you can avoid sharing your Whatsapp data with Facebook through a simple processĀ  after updating your app.

After updating your app, you will get a full screen pop up with the latest terms and condition. You will see “Read” in blue colored text. Tap on it.


On the bottom you will need to untick the box that allows Whatsapp to share your data with Facebook and then simply press Agree.


We saved you from so many “personalized, creepy ads” showing up in your Facebook feed. Thank us later.