How to turn your phone into a living museum

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Want to turn your phone into a living museum with artwork from the world’s most famous artists? Muzei is a live wallpaper app that let’s you do that.

Muzei is a transliteration of the Russian word музей, which means “museum.” It fetches artwork of famous artists and brings you a new wallpaper everyday to beautify your screen. One of the smartest features of Muzei is that it keeps the wallpaper blurred putting focus on what is important, i.e, app icons. You can simply double tap the screen to see the art piece without blur.

You can get information about the artwork from the app or from the morning notification that you will receive daily. You can also set your own favourite pictures as wallpaper that Muzei refreshes every few hours. Furthermore, you can download many different wallpaper packs that are available for Muzei in case you are not that much into classic art.

The app is also available for android wear.

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