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How To Use Your Device And Sleep At Night Without Ruining Your Eyes


Do you use your smartphone , tablet or desktop late at night?  Researches suggest that the blue light produced by the LCD screen of your device can harm your sleep. It messes your natural circadian rhythm  as a result  of which you find it hard to sleep.

Melatonin  is a very important  hormone responsible  for sleep-wake cycles. Melanopsin Photoreceptor in your eyes is sensitive  to a narrow band of blue light which is known to suppress  Melatonin  production.

Studies suggest that if you use your device late at night for hours,  your sleep may be cut short by as long as an hour.


Using apps that sync with sun cycle and reduce blue light emission from your screen accordingly is the wisest thing to do (besides not your using your device at night,  which,  we know you won’t  stop doing).

You can use Twilight  for Android devices and Flux  for desktops,  macs and iOS