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Never forget where you parked your car with this iPhone feature

iphone car parkingYou park your car, you go to mart to shop or stroll down a few blocks to meet someone. You come back and realize you don’t remember where exactly you parked your car. Sure, this situation has bugged you for so long. You never have to face this situation if you don’t own a car ( This simple trick lets you know your Uber rating). But if you own a car, your iPhone and car can be best friends (This secret iPhone trick makes your car talk to your phone).

A new feature in iPhone makes sure you never forget where you parked your car. Can you guess which app allows you to do that? Might have guessed it, Apple Maps.

Sure, Apple Maps has faced its fair share of criticism. But with time, new functionalities are being built in. Unlike the other cool iPhone hacks, this one doesn’t require you to do anything. This feature works automatically.

To stop you from navigating back and forth in the parking area or wherever you parked your car, Apple Maps now remember where you last parked your car. You will get a notification saying that a pin has been dropped at your location in Maps when you stop driving. You can use this pin to navigate back to your place and the alert can be tapped for more information. Furthermore, an option to add photos is provided as well.

A time saver, isn’t it?