How to make sure you buy the perfect sex toy

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buy the perfect sex toySometimes your relationship needs a little spicing up. You can engage in a variety of activities like foreplay, different positions , games etc but one sure way to make things hotter in bed is to use toys, you know, for adults. Whether it is your first time (How to convince your partner to use sex toys) or maybe you are a pro with them, buying the perfect sex toy can be little tricky, here is how you can buy the perfect sex toy –

Be willing to experiment – You can be warned about what to buy and what not to buy in terms of safety , but when it comes to your pleasure or that of your partner, a little experimentation with a small variety of toys to find out the perfect one can help.

Understand the material – Sex toys or more specifically vibrators are most commonly made of silicone. They are easy to clean, non-toxic and work pretty well unless you use a silicone lube on it. Never pair the two, I repeat , never.

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Safety is of the utmost important- You can find a variety of good products at a high price but in case you are low on budget, buy toys with caution. Avoid porous or not so easy to clean toys. There is a lot of cheap stuff out in the market that you should not bring close to your private parts.

Know what you can get – If you have a good budget, you can up your game with glass or steel toys. Furthermore, thanks to advancements in technology, there is a wide variety of toys that connect with your phone and can be controlled through relevant apps. Imagination is the limit.