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Neuronal mirroring or why you should avoid negative people

Neuronal mirroringNeuronal mirroring might sound like sci-fi but it’s a basic process that helps in our social life. This is the process that allows us to empathize with others as well as learn violent behavior (Here is what thinking negatively does to your brain).

We human beings are social beings. Our brains (even unconsciously) tend to mimic the mood of those people who are around us (especially those with whom we spend a lot of time). This is a simplified description of what is neuronal mirroring.

And this is the reason you should avoid negative people, your brain naturally tends to mimic the negativity others are exhibiting even when you are not a negative person yourself. It’s a lot like inhaling second hand smoke, isn’t it?

Smoking sucks, so does negativity. Avoid both.


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