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This simple trick quickly frees up space on your iPhone

This trick quickly frees up space on your iPhone

One of the most cringe-worthy moments in your day is when your iPhone runs out of space. Imagine taking a selfie and getting the popup that you don’t have enough memory left. You might think about cleaning up some space by deleting apps or photos or songs ( These secret iPhone tricks will make it super fast and unlock hidden features), but isn’t that too much of a mental task deciding what you are going to delete?

Apparently there is a easier and hidden method of freeing up space on your iPhone shared by a reddit user.

This simple trick works when you have less space left on your phone (Do you have less space on your phone? I see a nod). Go over to iTunes now and try to rent a movie that’s big (say Lord of the Rings). Click on the rent button ( you won’t need to rent anything actually).

Soon you will get a popup saying the movie cannot be downloaded due to lack of space. Press the settings buttons and tada! you will see your phone has more memory now. Works like magic. Keep repeating the process to free more space.

Boss tip : Movies like War and Peace, Lawrence of Arabia are 8 GB plus. Go, make space for games and selfies.


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