The Single Keyboard Button That Can Boost Your Productivity

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Is it possible to boost your productivity with a single keyboard button? The answer is yes. Call it a single button, mode or technique but going full screen while doing your work can help you do more.

Most of the work done online digitally involves reading and writing. Reading on your browser, go full screen. Believe us , you will actually end up reading the article without the other tabs asking for your attention.

Writing? Then definitely go full screen. It’s so much easier to write in a distraction free environment.

But what’s the philosophy behind this? It’s simple. Don’t you go into full screen mode while watching a movie or playing games? You do because you want to fully be in the experience of watching the movie or playing the game.

Similarly, going full screen while doing your work means you are fully into the experience of working, reading, writing etc. This may not be a scientific research but this habit has worked for us beautifully, even better than any productivity app has. Go on, try it today.